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Williamsburg, VA | Guest Post


August 3, 2018

Hey there friends!

Last weekend I was in Williamsburg, Virginia with my Best Friend and (ex) Roomie Breeze Pollard! She’s really awesome so you should go check out her website here. She wrote this blog post and I’m so excited to share it with you guys!

Williamsburg Virginia

This past weekend, Rebecca and her fiancé, Daniel, came up to visit me at my parents’ place in Virginia where I’m living for the summer. Rebecca and I are best friends and were roommates for the last two years so these last two months of separation while she was killing it at an internship (find a post about that here) at Duke University have been challenging to say the least. In my opinion, this visit was well overdue. I was so excited to see Rebecca and Daniel and for the day-trip we had planned to go to Williamsburg! 

Becca and I had both grown up going to Williamsburg but hadn’t been back in years while this was Daniel’s first time ever! I actually spent most of the day with Daniel because Becca was shooting a wedding in Williamsburg and we met up with her later in the afternoon. As Daniel and I drove through town (and ok, got lost) I realized that the city is so much prettier than I even remembered. Picture perfect, if you will.

Our first stop was Merchant’s Square, the cutest little pedestrian-only street lined with quaint, high-quality shops right next to the campus of College of William and Mary. On Saturday’s, there is also a street market with lots of vendors selling vegetables, handmade soaps, canned goods, fresh flowers and more! Daniel and I checked out the vendors before heading into the General Store where we found cute souvenirs and colonial memorabilia, and the Williamsburg Art Gallery.

The cheese shop was my favorite store because, well, I LOVE cheese and their selection of cheeses, gourmet snacks, and olive oils was almost overwhelming in quality and variety. We got a few cheeses to try and to snack on although we could have chosen to eat a meal at the sandwich counter in the back which, by the looks of the other guests’ plates, were quite delicious.

True to form, my second favorite stop in Merchant’s Square was Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop. They have oodles of candies to choose from on their shelves. They stock familiar brands (cue the colorful wall of M&M dispensers) as well as boutique candies and chocolates and they even have a selection of authentic ginger ales and ginger beers. The fresh fudge and caramel apples seen right as you enter cause some serious temptation but I couldn’t resist the candies and chocolate treats at the counter. What can I say, I’m a sucker for chocolate truffles! 

Boxwood & Berry was probably the prettiest shop we went into that day and their whimsical ceiling displays and lifelike arrangements made me want silk flowers all over my house. They also have cute gifts like ring plates and tea sets as well as some beautiful home décor items. I could have stayed all day!

Colonial Williamsburg Shops Williamsburg Shopping Colonial Williamsburg Candy Shop

Daniel and I left Merchant’s Square to drive over to Jamestown Island and drive through the island’s forest trail. This was a nice way to slow down and take some time to rest (and sit in the air conditioning!) but we also saw lots of people riding their bikes on the trail which is a great way to make your trip an active one if you’re so inclined. Next, we walked through a little bit of “Colonial Williamsburg” before meeting with Becca again and finishing our day at Bicentennial Park to fill up on fresh air before heading back home.

Williamsburg Park Sessions Virginia Park Photography

I hope you enjoyed this fun post about Williamsburg and got some inspiration for your next trip there! Let us know how it goes! Dont forget to check out Breeze’s website and follow her on Instagram @theonly_breeze

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