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The R. May Wardrobe Closet!| Wedding and Portrait Photographer


July 19, 2018

Y’all! I’ve been working on something that I’m really excited about!

I had this idea while searching for outfits for my own engagement photos. I was not having any luck finding a dress that I was hoping for. I didn’t have the money at the time to spend on the style of dress I really wanted, plus I wanted something over the top and dramatic but I knew I’d probably never wear it again. ¬†As I’m shopping and becoming more and more disappointed in what I was finding (or not finding), I realized that there are probably soo many girls out there just like me! So ever since then, I’ve been cultivating something that I lovingly call “The Wardrobe Closet.”

It’s a hand-picked collection of mostly dresses, with some skirts and tops that I feel like are perfect for engagement photos (They can work for my senior girls as well!), in all different sizes! They’re mostly long and flowy but there are some short and cute ones as well if that’s more your style! the R. May Wardrobe Closet is exclusively for R. May Photography clients. It’s already exciting to be getting your portraits done, but it’s so fun to play dress-up as well!

I can’t wait to see what you choose to wear!

This gorgeous light purple dress Caroline is wearing is in the closet!

This white high-low Aby is wearing is also in the closet! It’s perfect to add a little drama to your photos!

Aby also chose another dress from the closet! It’s sparkly gold on top with a cream skirt! So cute and flirty!

Cassie is wearing this really pretty emerald green dress!

There’s so much more to find in the Wardrobe Closet! I’m really excited for it to come to life!

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